How We Help

At Family Coaching we help families and individuals who have been hurt in relationships.

This hurt might be caused by a marriage that is struggling, a death, parenting concerns, stress related issues, or life adjustments.

The tools we use are simple but powerful and can be life changing.

Often when we are hurt, we leave a piece of our heart behind as we move on with life. To be fully alive we need a whole heart, not one with pieces missing. Our focus is to work on cleaning the clutter left by broken hearts and to help each person have the ability to love and be loved.

We quickly identify each hurt and then work on forgiveness. We work on connecting hearts to God, connecting hearts to each other, and connecting each individual to their own heart.



Bits Of Wisdom

A collection of stories and tips to living a life that is filled with love and joy.  Bits of Wisdom explores how to stay connected to your family, your heart, and God with short, daily observations. From how to speak to your teenagers to finding peace in the midst of turmoil, this little book gives insight on how to weave happiness into your thoughts and compassion into your heart, even during the tough times.

Executive Director Pat Murden’s book is now available. Contact the main office for details:  806-795-1010